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Paris data centres

We have three data centres in Paris. The acquisition of TelecityGroup by Equinix offers greater choice for colocation in Paris.

Expanding to meet your needs

Condorcet data centre, Paris

We have three data centres in Paris offering conveniently located colocation facilities and a wide range of value added services.

Condorcet data centre

Paris data centre overview:

Expanding to meet your needs Our latest site Paris 3 - Condorcet provides 6.4 MW of customer capacity.
Infrastructure you can rely on Fully redundant and resilient power. Extensive physical security.
Prime city-centre locations Each data centre is located within 10 minutes’ drive of the centre of Paris.
Unparalleled choice of connecitivity options Multiple connectivity options.
France-IX (Paris Internet Exchange) available on site.
Expertise you can trust Our experienced and responsive teams are available 24/7 to provide on-going maintenance and support.
Committing to excellence Certified to ISO27001:2005, ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004,OHAS 18001: 2007 and PCI-DSS.
Audited and operated to the EU Code of Conduct’s best practices for data centres.

Contact Paris

Telephone: +33 (0) 1 49 97 30 60

Our Paris data centres
Paris data centres
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Paris data centre infrastructure

Our data centres are built and operated to provide a resilient and always-available hosting environment. We understand that outsourcing mission-critical IT systems involves trust and this governs the principles on which we design and maintain our data centres. As such they are built to the highest industry standards, offer high levels of physical and environmental resilience and are protected against fire and power outage.


In every TelecityGroup data centre, you can be sure we have applied many years of experience to provide high levels of resiliency and redundancy to ensure your critical systems are always available.

Flexible power densities and configurations provide up to 30 kW per rack.
Fully redundant and resilient power supplies, at a minimum of N+1, ensure guaranteed uptime.
Maximum diversity and separation of UPS system and power distribution through dedicated A&B supplies.
Every site provides back-up diesel generators capable of supporting the data centres for up to 72h in total independence.
3 x independent supply networks (red, blue, green).


Each of our Paris data centres features a robust heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system which delivers stable air flow, temperature and humidity for efficient equipment operation.

All major equipment in the HVAC systems has a minimum of N+1 redundancy and its own dedicated back-up diesel generators and UPS for the newest site.
Minimum N+1 redundancy on chilled water-cooling system and direct expansion system.
Our newest data centres combine full free cooling, mechanically assisted free cooling and mechanical cooling, depending on ambient temperature and humidity.
Cooling plant
Cooling plant

Fire detection and suppression

Monitored continously from each of our Paris data centres network operations centre, our fire detection and suppression systems minimise the risk, and suppress quickly to localise and prevent problems spreading.

High sensitivity smoke detection systems (VESDA).
VESDA immediately detects airborne heat and smoke particles, notifying our on-site facility staff before a fire has an opportunity to start.
Fully addressable two-stage fire detection system that monitors the underfloor, room and ceiling void space (smoke and heat).
High-tech water mist and gas fire suppression system
Fire supression
Fire suppression

Security and access

Securing your business-critical data and systems is our priority. That’s why each of our Paris data centres is protected by security personnel and multi-layered physical security, including a secure perimeterand video surveillance. We can also tailor this security to your exact needs.

Autonomous access control by iris recognition biometric system plus badges without RFID.
Secure access procedures enabling you and your team nominative access to your installations 24/7.
Metal detectors at all exit points preventing unauthorized removal of equipment.
Personnel on duty 24/7.
Biometric access
Biometric access and control

Support centre

Each data centre has an on-site support centre. Staffed 24 hours a day, the support centre provides customers with access to skilled engineering and networking professionals.

The support centre provides several types of support, from basic inventory management to full deployment, installation and technical management of equipment.
Customers can request support by phone or through the customer portal.
Support services
Staffed 24 hours a day

Paris data centre connectivity

Our carrier-neutral data centres in Paris provide you with an unparalleled choice of connectivity options. We deliver direct access to the widest possible selection of international and local fixed lines, broadband and mobile networks, financials service companies, and cloud hubs.

Connectivity options

Direct connectivity to a wide range of on site carriers

To meet your peering and transit requirements, you can interconnect with Tier 1 and Tier 2 global and national network providers, and Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). Our DWDM network service also provides access to over 400 additional connectivity providers through our European data centre network.

Pan-European connectivity across our data centre network

We deliver seamless connections to every TelecityGroup data centre. A European IP network supports Ethernet over MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) services connects our Paris data centres and extends throughout our European sites.

Managed connectivity with multiple carriers

You can connect direct to our IP Multihome service. This allows you to distribute content through multiple Tier 1 carriers and internet exchange points, free from the complexity of maintaining multiple contractual and peering relationships.

Global peering and connectivity

Connectivity with France-IX, one of the biggest European Internet Exchange point, is available on site, bringing you even more global peering and connectivity options.

France Internet Exchanges
Pan-European connectivity
Secured Meet Me Room
Secured Meet Me room

Flexible and resilient infrastructure

Meet Me rooms adjacent to the hosting rooms offer opportunities for high speed interconnection with your partners and operators.
Physical entry points to the site’s two extremities are available to telecom operators for a dual feed.

Energy efficiency in our Paris data centres

Our Paris data centres are designed and continuously upgraded to deliver exceptional energy efficiency that helps reduce environmental impact and data centre operational costs.

Energy-efficient technologies

Through ground-breaking technologies, skilled engineering and processes, the Paris data centres offer high levels of efficiency and reduced operating costs:

Free-cooling and free-chilling technology for optimised energy performance in both summer and winter.
Hosting areas in cold corridor, hot aisle/cold aisle configuration.
Arboretum using hot air from the IT room, hosting a scientific research program in partnership with INRA.
Use of a fuel cell (hydrogen) as an additional backup power source for security systems.
Advice to customers on the best eco-efficient practices to adopt in our data centres.
Climate change arboretum using hot air from the IT room

Setting the standards in energy efficiency

We adhere to stringent industry standards and lead the market in environmental initiatives. Our data centres are certified to the following international standards:

ISO 14001 – an internationally recognised accreditation for organisations that demonstrate superior environmental management.
EU Code of Conduct for data centres – Corporate Status. Each of our data centres has been audited and is operated to the Code’s best practices for maximising energy efficiency.
Carbon Trust Standard – recognising our commitment to reducing our impact on climate change by cutting carbon emissions.
Certificats EDF Equilibre + - The equivalent of 21% of all electricity consumed by our French data centres is produced from renewable energy sources.
ISO 14001 and EU Code of Conduct for data centres
ISO 14001 and EU Code of Conduct for data centres

Paris data centre services

Our experience managing a broad range of customer data centre requirements enables us to create a solution that matches your exact needs. Our flexible approach, locations and additional services also mean we can deliver solutions unique to every business.

Colocation services

Colocation services

Enjoy premium infrastructure and unrivalled connectivity with our colocation services.

Colocation services
Network services

Network services

Experience fully-redundant internet connectivity with our IP Multihome service or use our managed network to unify your resources across Europe.

Internet connectivity
Intersite connectivity
Support services

Support services

Keep your infrastructure running efficiently with our comprehensive tiered support.

Support services
Data backup and recovery

Data backup and recovery

Enjoy secure high-speed data backup and recovery with a fully-managed disk-based service that you control.

Data backup & recovery services

Contact Paris

To meet our team and take a guided tour of one of our data centres:


Telephone: +33 (0) 1 49 97 30 60

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