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Acceptable Use Policy

TelecityGroup Acceptable Use Policy

Scope of the AUP

This AUP applies to all TelecityGroup IP Services customers including, but not limited to, IP Transit and IP Multihome. TelecityGroup IP Services customers who resell IP services are also responsible for ensuring that their own customers behave in a way consistent with the TelecityGroup IP Services AUP.

The AUP also applies to Internet traffic between TelecityGroup and networks with which TelecityGroup has a peering agreement. In other words, a peer network might have an AUP substantially different from the TelecityGroup AUP, but TelecityGroup will apply its own AUP to the traffic flowing across the peering connection.

It is the responsibility of the customer to keep up to date with the TelecityGroup Acceptable Use Policy the latest version of which must be adhered to regardless of contract initiation date. The current version can be found at the link at the foot of this page or can be obtained from your account manager or customer support contact.

Reporting Internet misuse to TelecityGroup

Individuals and organisations who are the target of Internet abuse originating at a site connected to TelecityGroup (AS15830, AS28744 or any other designated TelecityGroup network) are encouraged to report this to TelecityGroup via the abuse e-mail address In all cases, the report should be substantiated with detailed time stamped logs and any other supporting documentation and the person or organisation reporting the misuse clearly identified with contact information including email address, telephone and fax numbers. TelecityGroup will be unable to take action as a result of reports which cannot be substantiated or reports sent to addresses other than

If a site is found to be contravening the TelecityGroup IP Services AUP, we will take appropriate action, depending on the severity of the contravention.

Legal responsibilities

TelecityGroup customers must, at all times, respect all relevant national and international legislation pertaining to the use of internet services including, but not limited to, access, content, storage of email addresses and associated email marketing campaigns.

Click here to view TelecityGroup AUP.

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