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Intersite connectivity

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Use our managed Ethernet network to unify your resources in our data centres across Europe

Do you have a presence in two or more TelecityGroup data centres? Our managed Ethernet network allows you to treat these multiple sites as a single entity, seamlessly connecting to third parties or access services in different data centres. Whether it’s within one city or across countries, it’s fast to setup and presented as native Ethernet at each point, so it's easy to connect your equipment.

Multiple sites, high availability, connecting to customers

Our intersite connectivity services suit many business requirements: perhaps you are an enterprise that wants to interconnect several sites into a high performance and secure private network; or an e-commerce service provider that needs the higher availability provided by multiple data centres; or even an application service provider (ASP) that needs to connect into your customers’ equipment located at another one of our data centres.

Rapid provisioning, scalable bandwidth

Our fully-managed Ethernet network is specifically designed to allow for easy provisioning of a range of bandwidths and resiliency options between our data centres. As such we are able to offer extremely fast delivery combined with very favourable pricing compared to traditional telecom service providers.

In addition we provide Ethernet termination directly to your rack, saving you on additional integration costs and removing the need for any additional equipment.

Key benefits of our intersite connectivity services

  • Rack-to-rack service:
    The network is delivered directly to your racks in our data centres;
  • Rapid provisioning:
    We provision the service within days compared to a month or more with traditional telecom service providers;
  • Technology-agnostic:
    While building a circuit may involve several technologies from VLAN to dark fibre or WDM to MPLS, you always get the same easy to understand and transparent Ethernet service designed to meet your capacity requirements;
  • Ethernet presentation:
    You plug the circuit directly into your existing equipment and access the network immediately without the need for any additional interfaces;
  • Scaleable bandwidth:
    Easily scalable bandwidth from 1Mbps to 1Gbps or more;
  • Pan-European connectivity:
    Our ethernet network seamlessly connects all of data centres right across Europe;
  • Stringent SLA available:
    We provide up to a 100% availability SLA guarantee and enhanced service levels.
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