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Setting the standard
Meeting our responsibilities

As the leading operator of carrier-neutral data centres in Europe, we are committed to excellence and setting the benchmark in our energy, environmental strategy and quality standards.

Setting the standards for energy and environmental best practice

We adhere to stringent industry standards, and we lead the market in environmental initiatives. Organisations choosing TelecityGroup demonstrate they are selecting an operator that puts energy efficiency and environmental management at the core of its business.

Code of Conduct

EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres

We have developed and adopted the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres to ensure our existing data centres can deliver maximum efficiency. The Code provides best practice guidelines to reduce energy usage and improve energy efficiency in data centres.

ISO 14001

Our data centres are certified to ISO 14001

TelecityGroup has achieved certification to ISO 14001, the international standard for Environmental Management Systems. 
ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised accreditation for organisations that demonstrate superior environmental management.


Our data centres are certified to ISO 50001

TelecityGroup has achieved certification to ISO 50001, the international standard for Energy Management Systems, in 4 countries, with other country certifications phased during 2105/2016. ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised accreditation for organisations that demonstrate continual energy efficiency improvement management.

The Green Grid

Member of the Green Grid

We have a history of industry collaboration, international engagement and best practice sharing through our membership of the Green Grid and other industry forums.

Carbon Trust Standard

Carbon Trust Standard

We were the first data centre operator to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard for demonstrating a significant and ongoing improvement in carbon efficiency in the UK. This recognises our commitment to reduce our impact on climate change by cutting carbon emissions.

Equilibre Plus

Equilibre Plus

By being the first data centre operator to subscribe to this offer, TelecityGroup shows its ongoing leadership in exploring and adopting technologies which help minimize the impact of its operations on the environment and maximize energy efficiency in the data centre. EDF’s "Equilibre+" offer certifies that the equivalent of 21% of the electricity consumed by TelecityGroup in France will be generated from renewable sources of energy and guarantees a neutral impact in terms of CO2 emissions.



FTSE4Good is an index designed to objectively measure the performance of companies that meet globally recognized corporate responsibility standards. TelecityGroup's continued membership in the FTSE4Good index acknowledges the Group's commitment to responsible business practice.

Creating highly efficient environments

As a data centre operator we recognize that our main energy efficiency and associated environmental impact comes from the management of the power we use to run our facilities.

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In order to reduce our energy consumption and cut carbon emissions, we use innovative technologies that dramatically improve the efficiency of data centre power and cooling including:

Carbon Usage Effectiveness

Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE)

We have committed to reporting externally on a new carbon usage effectiveness measure, which we believe is an industry first. CUE captures a combined picture of the energy efficiency of operations and the carbon intensity of the energy used. It encourages individual data centres to both improve the efficiency of its systems and procedures and seek out low carbon sources of energy.

Free cooling system

Free cooling systems

Many of our data centres use free cooling systems, which enable significant savings when the external ambient temperatures fall below a certain level. Temperature and humidity set points are optimized to optimized to ASHRAE guidelines to maximize free cooling periods.

Thermal energy storage systems

Thermal energy storage systems

Our Southeast AMS5 data centre has the world’s largest installation of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES). ATES is an innovative thermal technology which utilizes the naturally stored groundwater found in Amsterdam’s unique river delta-based geography. The system works in harmony with the seasons by storing water in underground wells which is warmed by waste data centre heat in the summer and cooled by the lower external temperatures in the winter. This cold water is then pumped up in closed circuit system and used to cool the data centre in the warm summer months.

Hot and cold air segregation

Hot and cold air segregation

Hot and cold air is contained in separate aisles to reduce the mixing of cooled air and hot exhaust air in data center aisles. This reduces energy consumption as cooling is more efficient.

Efficient lighting systems

Efficient lighting systems

Our data centres use motion-activated light controllers that reduce energy consumption and heat load.

Best practice advice

Best practice advice

We have invested in technology that measures air and heat streams. In addition, we use the continually updated advice given within the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres Best Practice Guide, which formulates our guidance to customers, on the most energy-efficient configuration of their equipment.

Environmental recognition

We have won a number of awards in recognition of our environmental leadership:

Stevies 2011

Stevie International Business Awards 2011

Distinguished Honouree for Environmental Responsibility

European Business Awards

European Business Award 2011

Country representative for the Award for Environmental and Corporate Sustainability

Greenbang Award

Greenbang Award 2010

Best Data Centre Innovation

National eWell-Being Awards

UK CEED National eWell-Being Awards 2010

Innovative use of ICT to help the environment

Data Centre Leaders Awards

Data Centre Leaders Award 2010

Improved Data Centre Energy Efficiency

Data centre video tour

Data centre tour

Take the tour of our newest data centre in Paris, designed and built to be one of the most energy efficient data centres in Europe.

Data centre tour
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