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17 January 2012

TelecityGroup, IX Reach and AMS-IX enable direct UK connectivity to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange

Exclusive agreement provides TelecityGroup customers in the UK with cost-effective high-performance connectivity into and across mainland Europe

TelecityGroup, Europe's industry-leading provider of premium carrier-neutral data centres, has today announced an agreement with IX Reach and AMS-IX to enable TelecityGroup customers in the UK to directly connect to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, AMS-IX, in the only official AMS-IX enabled sites in the UK.

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) such as AMS-IX form an essential part of the global Internet infrastructure, enabling the large-scale switching of Internet traffic between networks. Interconnecting over 470 carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other Internet- related companies, AMS-IX is one of the world’s largest IXPs, providing unique peering possibilities across Europe and beyond.

All of TelecityGroup’s carrier-neutral data centres in London Docklands and Manchester, in addition to its London Powergate facility, are now ‘AMS-IX enabled’. They are the only UK data centres to have this capability, enabling TelecityGroup UK customers to immediately enjoy the benefits of direct connectivity into AMS-IX.

All of the AMS-IX connections that are originated through this new service will terminate in the largest AMS-IX node which is located in TelecityGroup’s Amsterdam South-East facility, which itself is adjacent and directly-connected to TelecityGroup’s new Amsterdam 5 data centre due to open in 2012.

By working with IX Reach, which specialises in simplifying connectivity to Internet Exchanges, TelecityGroup is ensuring that its customers can enjoy direct point-to-point Ethernet connections into AMS-IX using IX Reach’s pre-configured international capacity between the UK and Amsterdam.

Monica O’Meany, CEO of IX Reach comments: “We have been a partner of AMS-IX for many years and our core network enables us to provide dedicated, highly efficient connections into AMS-IX. Such wide peering options can vastly reduce upstream costs for Internet-centric companies, and a single connection to an Internet Exchange like AMS-IX may reduce the reliance on multiple transit connections as well as improve end user reliability. We’re very pleased that by working with TelecityGroup and AMS-IX, so many companies in London and Manchester will now be able to enjoy these direct benefits.”

Job Witteman, AMS-IX CEO comments: “TelecityGroup and AMS-IX serve some of the world’s largest companies in the digital industry including ISPs, international carriers, mobile operators, content providers, TV broadcasters and many other related businesses in Amsterdam already. With remote connections into our exchange now available from London and Manchester through IX Reach, companies in the UK will be able to enjoy the vastly improved redundancy and network performance benefits that connecting to AMS-IX brings.”

Adriaan Oosthoek, Managing Director, TelecityGroup UK comments: “Our data centres are at the heart of the digital economy, and this agreement with IX Reach and AMS-IX means our customers will have even wider connectivity and peering options from our ‘AMS-IX enabled’ facilities. Whether they are Internet start-ups, content companies, cloud computing providers, or other companies looking to expand in Europe, this agreement will provide our customers with vastly enriched connectivity options across the continent. It is another reflection of our commitment to develop highly connected customer ecosystems in our sites and to lead the way in delivering new capacity and connectivity to meet customer growth requirements.”

Around Europe, TelecityGroup’s data centres host a number of key national IXPs, allowing competing networks to interconnect and exchange Internet traffic at national and international level with speed and efficiency at a significant reduction to transit costs. Alongside AMS-IX, these include three other top European IXPs: LINX in London, DE-CIX in Frankfurt and Netnod in Stockholm. TelecityGroup is also a patron of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX) which represents over 40 affiliated IXPs.

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